Friday, March 23, 2007

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Caroline Heinrich

  • Intense participant in Hawaii's recreational sailing activities
  • Currently Commodore of both the Hawaii Women's YRA and the Pearl Harbor YC
  • Pacific Cup 2004 and another unrelated delivery from Hawaii to the Mainland


Anonymous said...

Been keeping track of your progress and wishing you all well!
See you in Hawaii!
Aloha, Tracy Woodrow xxoo :)

Unknown said...

I keeping my eye on the amazing ladies from Hawaii as well. Wow, 2 days in first place, great job. I wish I could be there to welcome you all in. I would love to do a race like that. I am training on foredeck to crew in a local women's race. It is bringing back memories of the Adam's Cup.
Aloha, Kerrie Serpa

Anonymous said...

hi d this is at least my 7th try to email you i miss you. you guys are doing great have left message with debbie d to see if she needs help, will try again. take care

Anonymous said...

hi d
Philip is here and we were discusing how to email you! since i talked to d-man and he told me the tricks, i seem to be getting thur. hope you haven't given up on me are are still looking at your emai;s. miss you, look forward to seeing you soon

Anonymous said...

Aloha Caroline!

The Cirrus BLOG is like reading a great summer novel... I love hearing the on board stories and all of the tech information too. See you soon!

Warmest aloha,

Nancy McNamara
PYC, Hickam Harbor

Anonymous said...

Aloha Caroline,

Congratulations! Sorry I wasn't able to meet you when you arrived. Had to do the birthday "thing" with the family. I'm so proud of you!

God Bless, Dawn