Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This website: "Cirrus - Transpac 2007" at will contain daily briefings during the delivery and the race.

The Transpac website will be providing information on the progress of the race.

We will be able to make phone calls out (at a cost of $1.25/minute), but people will not be able to call us. I'll probably call Valerie frequently and give her our position and let her know how things are going. She is willing to pass this information along to a list of email addresses that you provide. One way to do this is to send her an email at and "Copy" the addresses you have in mind. That way she can just move them directly into a mailing list.

You can send us text messages (for free) using the satellite phone. This is one direction only. We are not able to reply. Go to and type our ID # 881631530391 into the window and then type a (very short) message into the box, and hit send. The messages can be up to 160 letters(not much) and there is a counter on the web site to help you stay within the limit. This can be done five times an hour, so a dedicated communicator could send a bunch of messages in a row. It is a little tedious on the other end since we will be receiving the messages on the tiny screen on the phone that is only 14 letters wide and 3 lines (at a time) long. I've tried it and it works pretty well. You should tell people who want to use it that the message should start by indicating to whom it is addressed. We will get the messages once a day when we connect the phone.

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