Thursday, May 10, 2007

What the World has been waiting for. Cirrus Gear

Well. It had to happen sooner or later.

The Cirrus logo is now available on T-shirts, Sweats, and other articles of clothing. There are also cups, tote bags, a wall clock and even a teddy bear with the Cirrus Logo.

Just click on and pick out something to show that you are a serious Cirrus backer.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well! You know it had to come when you read about corporate sponsoring, and all women aboard being more beautiful than on any other boat (that is --if there are any at all), and the folks having the chuzpe of putting Cirrus at eye level with Disney and Oracle. An next thing you know is they are reaching out to Armani, Lacoste, Prada, you name it!

What about perfume? I'll bet women will like "Cirrus Seabreeze", and I'll pull out my purse for a manly "Cirrus Hurrican" aftershave. Or "Ciruette", the Eau de Toilette for the night at the opera, with the sound of ballerina and a scent of champagne dinner at the half-way party out on the ocean.

I start counting now; its gonna happen!