Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear Transpac Organizers,

I couldn't help but I had to fight off a few little tears, when I read that you had put me as a crewmember on Cirrus. And this at a time when they were having their half-way party. No, although I feel a bit like inventory to Cirrus when it comes to Pacific Races, I am not sailing this time. Instead I am sitting on the other side of the globe, in good old Germany, carefully watching the weather, the boats, and all gossip around it - in a word the Transpac. An no, while admittedly it is itching, I am not giving any advice to Cirrus since she crossed the starting line!

We all observe what happens when you have a well-maintained and prepared boat, even a slow one like Cirrus, and add to her a dedicated owner and experienced crew, all well prepared also, and combine this with a little bit of strategic advantage offered by a computer program, Cirrugator, which I specifically designed for Cirrus. It is delivering information which other boats very obviously weren't privy to. And it runs even on non-redundant, non-toughened equipment, something where we apparently have the heads-up over Pegasus also ;-). (Forgive me to rub it in, but that little success felt so good!)

And in closing, to all you folks behind the Transpac scenes, with a lot of work and a little of recognition - kudos from Cirrus' onshore and offshore crews for making a challenging and enjoying event possible!



Valerie said...

As far as I am concerned, Ulli, you are very much present on Cirrus and an honorary member of the crew. Not that I have that authority are just the wrong gender perhaps? Sitting here half-way around the world from you I suspect you feel, as I do, that you are with them every nautical inch of the way - tweaking lines, adjusting sails, mentally urging them on.

ulli said...

wrong gender - gosh, now I understand!