Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Three

Dawn to stormy seas, 6-8 foot swells, white caps everywhere, and really bumpy. Wind 16-18 and gusting over 20. We just took it easy last night. Reefed main and furled jib. Made a little more headway when we ran the engine for an hour or so to charge the batteries.
Our 0600 HST position is 25N54, 154w43 and we are going north 010M at about 5.4 knots. It is overcast but seems to be clearing.
Venus is quite a light in the evening sky these days. Super bright. Lights up the landscape just like the moon often does. No moon just now and for a few more days.
We still have 1930 miles to go. Plugging along. Spoke to Richard Blackburn again last night on 8A at 1730 HST. He seems to be quite a bit south and east of us. We will check his position again this evening when we talk to him. We also have been talking to Lou Ickler, mostly on 4B and 8B. We are also connected to the Pacific Seafarer's Net, so our position data should start showing up on the Pangolin, YOTREPS website.


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