Saturday, June 2, 2007

Delivery commenced on schedule but...

Cirrus departed for Long Beach as scheduled at about 2PM HST. A cheerful group of supporters saw Lindsey, Donna, Nancy and Bill off under sunny skies, light winds and calm seas.
Unfortunately, they had not cleared the channel by much more than an hour when the cooling alarm sounded. The water pump had failed and, given the light winds, motor-sailing was a necessity. Bill was pleased that he had a replacement pump on board and that was quickly installed. Nope - it was faulty. So, they are turning back to Kaneohe while the land support "crew" scrambles to find another pump. As soon as one is found, it will be installed and they will be off again.
More information as updates available!
(Posted by Valerie in Michigan---6 hours later than HST)
(Photo credit Dana Ritchie Fujikake)

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