Saturday, June 30, 2007

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Last night, during my watch before midnight, we saw a peak boat speed of 8.5 knots. The true wind had built to 12 knots and was heading for 16. So, when Bill came on watch, we did an "all hands" exercise to furl the jib and put a reef in the main. Even with this drastically reduced sail, we were still doing over 6 knots in fairly smooth seas. This morning, it's more of the same, still doing 6+ knots, but the seas have gotten lumpy. The weather conditions are gorgeous, clear skies, bright full moon last night, and sunny skies today. At sunset, Donna saw TWO green flashes.

Bill spent much of the night chasing a stray engine alarm signal. It's a very weak buzz, probably not indicative of an engine problem; more likely a chafed or corroded sensor wire. He continues to puzzle over it, investigating various ideas as they come to him.

Position at 7:45 AM HST: 33N24.4 122W29.9, course 080 true at 6.5 knots. Distance to go to West End of Catalina 195 N miles.
- Chris


Valerie said...

If you saw the gorgeous moon, hoping you also saw Jupiter with Antares riding shotgun. Quite a beautiful sight! So glad your skies cleared.

ulli said...

Sheesh, what wind problems are you having? I am back from Germany's North Sea Coast, where we had wind with gusts up to 70kn! Ferries couldn't go and people were stranded on the islands lining the coast. In the house where we stayed we were bombarded with branches, which a huge tree in the backyard shed.

I told the wind to get away. It did. Has it arrived yet?

Nic said...

Attaboy/girls! Glad to finally see some wind! Keep it up!

-nic and sarah