Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Valerie - Day 1

Two missed calls and finally connected with Bill at 9 AM HST. The engine has been turned off, sailing under main with single reef and jib. It is a little bumpy but "not bad" and the skies are beautifully blue. Although the GPS is now telling them they could make it in 13 days we aren't holding that thought too tightly as they may, given weather predictions, have to turn more north over the next two days or so.
Unfortunately, it is really too wet to leave the dorade vents in. They lost one, flooded Lindsey's bunk and decided to put the covers on. Too bad because it makes it stuffier below decks but it makes sense to do this.
All crew doing very well and appreciate the well wishers.
More tomorrow.

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christin said...

Hey guys! Aloha and the best of luck - got all my fingers crossed and thinking about you! Can connect to the internet once in a while here in Indonesia from the Dutch M/V L'Espoir. We are in Force 5 3m swell seas out of the SE, on the verge of collecting good data. Might have to abandon this area east of Timor soon. Current position 8S37 128E38 as of 12Jun2100GMT. 2 weeks to go, just like you guys! No turning around this time : ) Stay dry, Christin