Monday, June 18, 2007

New World

Not so long after Lindsey gave us a lecture on the rules of glass ball hunting she proceeded to score the biggest ball I've ever seen. It is a beauty. Must be more than a foot in diameter. Came with enough net and line that it was a little tough to get it aboard. When it hit the deck there were little fish, crabs, clams, barnacles, etc. all over the place.

That was only minutes after we had two freighter encounters in a row. This is getting to be a busy place out here.

Over night the wind died completely and I thought we would have glassy swells by morning. But the wind shifted a little and we have tacked o'er to port for the first time on the trip. It is 1600 miles to Long Beach. An optimistic arrival time would be in 10-11 days. The Monday, June 18, 2007, 0600HST position is 33N18,151W01. We are motoring on a course of 050M at a speed of 6.7 knots. The relative wind is all generated by the motion of the boat. The jib is furled and we still have one reef in the main.


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