Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday, June 4

As we had arranged, Bill called me (Valerie) via Satellite phone at 8AM HST. Their position is Lat. 22 deg. 40 min. N, Lon. 157 deg. 18 min W. Motor-sailing virtually straight north in very rough and bumpy seas, launching off the top of waves and crashing down the other side. In order to stabilize the boat, they put up the main sail. The wind then went up to 17 kn. and they have just finished putting in a reef. ("Thank God for an all women crew. They are 10 times tougher than I am." - Bill Myers) By keeping the course due north for now, they anticipate getting to somewhat lighter winds which will make sailing "up wind" a lot more comfortable.
Last night around sunset, the motor alarm started to "chirp" - Upon opening the engine compartment all systems (water, oil etc.) seemed to be in order. Bill proceeded to check the wiring diagram and found a single wire that didn't serve any purpose. This wire went into a cable and over the motor mount and he found that vibration had caused it to wear a microscopic hole in the insulation. This has now been taped and the chirp silenced.
During the night they saw (but were not directly hit by) several squalls. In the moonlight Bill was reminded of the pictures of the A-Bomb tests where there was a huge tower of water and enormous clouds glowing in the light. Except, of course, the water was coming down instead of going up. Very dramatic. The squalls set up very large waves and kept everyone on their toes. All are well and happy.
That's the report for today.
Valerie (still in Michigan until 6/14)

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ronnie will not be on ssb for a couple of days, you will be contacted 530 pm tomorrow on my radio