Friday, June 29, 2007

Thank you, wind dancers.

I awoke this morning to find the other members of the crew discussing the fact that the wind was freshening and moving forward, so it was time to switch from the spinnaker to the big jib. But first, run the engine to charge the batteries and clean the barnacles off the propeller. I was gonna say cobwebs, but what sense would that make?

But yes, the wind has freshened, to about 8 knots, and clocked to the NW. After we turned off the engine, we were able to make a steady 5 knots, with bursts to 6, with full main and full jib. So, a big thank you to Valerie, and the other members of this worldwide virtual wind-dancing coven, for all your help.

In case Bill didn't mention it, we have used up all of our bottled water and are now drinking from the big blue jerry cans. Not literally; we pour a jerry can, about 6 gallons, into the fresh water tank, and then use that until it's gone. And we have lots more jerry cans. But the jerry cans contain hose water, eminently drinkable, but not as tasty is the bottled stuff. So we really appreciate the fact that Donna provided a huge stash of orange Crystal Light, specifically for the purpose of masking the "tank water" taste. That's about all we drink now.

Trash report: We passed a huge kelp stalk and root, about 3 inches in diameter and about 12 feet long. It was hanging down in the water and you could clearly see the entire length. The water is that clear here.

We have now decided that our first planned port of call in California will be Two Harbors, Catalina Island, rather than Long Beach. We expect to be able to refuel there, possible get a burger and a beer, and (in Bill's fantasy) a shower. It also allows us to time our arrival into the LB shipping channel during daylight hours. The idea is to hang out at Two Harbors and then depart at the right time so as to arrive in the shipping channels with daylight to spare. We are specifically not discussing ETA because of the possible negative karma. However, you can draw your own conclusions from our position report which follows below.

Current position at 1300 HST: 33N21.3 124W58.6, Course 085 true at 5.5 knots, 324 miles to go to Two Harbors.

That's all for now. -Chris


Anonymous said...

Alinghi, the Defender of the 32nd America’s Cup, beat Emirates Team New Zealand on Friday afternoon in perfect 15 knot sea breeze conditions to take a 3-2 lead in the 32nd America’s Cup Match.

But it wasn’t a straightforward win. The Swiss trailed over the starting line and around the first top mark as Emirates Team New Zealand showed aggression in the pre-start, forcing the SUI 100 helmsman Ed Baird to attempt to shake them off by using the spectator fleet.

The Kiwis converted the small advantage off the starting line into a 12 second lead around the first mark. But on the run, a burst spinnaker on NZL 92 and a poor recovery by the New Zealand crew, saw Alinghi slide past and grab a lead the Swiss team would never relinquish. Alinghi crossed the finishing line in front of the large spectator fleet, 19 seconds ahead of the Emirates squad.

Race Six is scheduled to start on Saturday afternoon at 15:00

Anonymous said...

LONDON - Police mounted increased patrols in a jittery London Saturday as detectives conducted an intense hunt for a man seen running from an explosives-packed car in the heart of the city's entertainment district. Two Mercedes loaded with gasoline, gas canisters and nails were found abandoned Friday in what police believe was an attempt to kill scores or even hundreds of people. Detectives said they were keeping an open mind about the perpetrators, but terrorism experts said the signs pointed to an al-Qaida-linked or inspired cell.

Scotland Yard would not comment on a report by ABC News in the United States that police had a "crystal clear" picture of one suspect from CCTV footage.

Forensics experts were searching the two cars for clues. One was abandoned outside a nightclub in Haymarket, a busy street of shops, clubs and restaurants just yards from Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

The other was towed after being parked illegally in nearby Cockspur Street and was discovered in an impound lot about a mile away in Park Lane, near Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands of people were expected to march through central London later Saturday in the city's annual Gay Pride parade, which ends at Trafalgar Square.The U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist Web sites, said a post on the al-Hesbah forum asked, "Is London craving explosions from al-Qaida?" and added: "I say the good news, by Allah, London will be hit."The first bomb was discovered after ambulance crews were called to Haymarket to treat a man injured in a fall at 1:30 a.m. Friday. When crews arrived, they noticed smoke coming from a green Mercedes parked in front of a club, Clarke said.Photographs showed a canister bearing the words "patio gas," indicating it was propane, next to the car. The back door was open with blankets spilling out. The car was removed from the scene after a bomb squad disabled the explosives.a police officer seized a telephone from the first car — believed to have been a potential detonator — Around 3:30 a.m., a second car parked on nearby Cockspur Street, which runs between Haymarket and Trafalgar Square, was ticketed and then towed to a lot on Park Lane, Clarke said. Police closed off Park Lane, reportedly after attendants smelled gasoline.