Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 12 Valerie's report.

A good long chat last evening with Bill from the Ickler's base of operations. The half (quarter)-way party occurred at about 4PM HST (if I recall correctly - we had a wonderful dinner and evening after the call) with much celebration, making it a 5-C event when you add in the champagne, chicken, cookies and corn. To top it all off, they had their best day yet...156 miles made good.
Another nice visit mid day today. Evidently he took some grief from the crew on his night watch because he was "following the wind" and the sail adjustments make a lot of noise. On the other hand, if he didn't make the adjustments the boat would slow down and then speed up and heel over...everything is some sort of compromise! When he came on watch this morning it was sunny and beautiful but 10 minutes later it was completely overcast. But seas are calm with wind at 8-10 knots and the weather forecasts look like they are almost "on rails" to Long Beach with tweaking (sorry about the noise, crew) to accommodate shifts.
Bill has been in touch with the Port Captain at Long Beach and their arrival for some time at the end of next week is being anticipated.
All is as it should be and we look forward to each report.
Aloha for now. Valerie

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