Monday, June 25, 2007

Support crew does it again

Bill said he was going to post "Valerie's coven does it again" -- not sure what we do is really witchcraft but I assured him that we will always do what we can. In other words, the wind is back - not much yet (5+ kn.) but steadily building. Very calm seas and mellow sailing.
Support in Long Beach is being sought for dry ice and laundry. So far our good friend and fellow sailor Joel Gober seems to be stepping up to the plate. Since I am not going to be there it is a relief to me to know we have auxiliary support "staff".
Based on experience at the seminar in April, Cirrus has requested to be seated with the team from Mexico at the send-off banquet "because they seemed like the most fun." Sounds right to me!
On the home stretch now - wahooo. More tomorrow.

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