Monday, June 18, 2007

A message from LG . . .

D-man: check your email. Olives.

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Anonymous said...

wow babes , o i mean CAPTAIN LG !!! thats the biggest ball ive ever seen !!! and that smile looks soooooo good on you !!! im going to check my email now !!! olives !!! YOUR MY HERO LINDSEYGIRL !!!

Anonymous said...

Headlines...the superferry was in the 1st lock of the panama canal 2day and is on its way to l.a. for gas then off 2 hawaii !!! i wonder if you guys might see it?....crater road in big island is closed cuz the volcano is having alot of action,experts say its gunna blow soon!!!......diamond head lighthouse stamp is coming out thursday.....i do have one for donna unfortunatly, looks like we have another lacy petterson type dissappearance in ohio .....ok i'll keep you posted....aloha Dman