Monday, June 18, 2007

Is it already day 7?

The kind of call I really like to get - no major events to report! Cirrus is motoring into very light winds that are right on her nose. Looks like another day of motoring and they should be to the other side of the high. While we were talking they thought they saw another glass ball and were off on the hunt. Sounds like they are having a wonderful time out there now that the beating has abated.
We hope to hear from Richard at 1730 HST and I am still planning to try to get down to the dock to greet them. Will keep you posted.
Off to Haunama Bay with my son and daughter-in-law. Life is good.
Aloha, Valerie


Silas said...

Hi folks - sorry for my late check in ! No news is always good news - here's wishing you wind!


Anonymous said...

hi donna...
i am keeping sb gang up to date with your progress (or for a while what seemed to be none). sounds like all are safe and having a great time.