Saturday, June 23, 2007

Swingin' Halfway Party Caught on Video

Apparently they all dressed up for the occasion in colorful clothing, masquerading with caps and scarves and all. How beautiful! And all four are on camera.

Wait a minute - aren't there only 4 people on the boat? Who is holding the camera?

I think it is time to admit it: it's Otto. Yeah, I know, you all thought Otto Helm is only the autohelm, some mechanical gear down below. But no. Bill did not want to talk about it because of the high expenses involved, you know, but he had invested into a real robot, who is now assisting on board. Bill told me it is quite a relief from the routine duties. You can here the robot's "ribiddibiddibit" voice sound faintly in the background. It's faint, but when you listen to the video often enough, you will here it for sure! Of course, Bill had to cut down on other things, like navigational lights, propane gear, and why do you think weren't the waterpump and generator not replaced in time? See!

But isn't it great that they can now send us such videos? Bill said that Otto had served champagne to the crew, but the captain had to do with sparkling apple cider. Otto can be so tough; I think I need to reprogram him, he is really going too far on some essentials.

By the way, this great video was transmitted using Sailmail over the Marlink Iridium Data Link.

Don't wait any longer - call the local newspapers, TV stations, call the sponsors, call Iridium, call CNN for goodness sake, and point them to this site. This is a big moment for this Hawaiian boat to open a new chapter in boat to shore communication. You have not seen it before anywhere!

Aloha from the other side of the globe,

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Valerie said...

Ulli, you certainly have an active imagination! But so nice to see everyone (except, evidently, Lindsey's right hand.)