Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunny, Warm, Beautiful

Sunny, warm, beautiful. That's what it is like in the middle if a High pressure area. Probably a lot like that in the middle of a black hole. No clouds or rippled breezes to spoil the symmetric serenity.

These are the kind of thoughts I was having on my (0000-0300) watch last night. I was composing a sort of last will and testament for Cirrus and it's crew. The wind was 3, boat speed 2 and the distance to go 480 miles. Let's do the math. That would be 240 hours (more or less, depending on the weather). That would be 10 days. Making our arrival in Long Beach simultaneous with the start of the race. (Could some kind hearted soul please bring us the instructions from the Skipper/Navigator's Meeting to the starting line.) A couple cases of Cup-of-Soup and some bottled water would also be nice.

Seriously though, a couple jerry cans of diesel, and/or a tow from Catalina Island would be a gift from heaven.

The Thursday, 28 June 2007, 0600 HST position is 33N22, 127W23. We are motoring at the moment to charge the batteries. Course is 070M, speed 6 knots. (About 15 gallons of diesel remain and about 3/day are required for the batteries.)

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Anonymous said...

What? No wind off the coast of Cali? All the lawyers must be out of town....