Friday, June 15, 2007

It's never dull no matter what they say! Valerie - day 4

Bill's call this morning came with another wonderful description of being out in the deep ocean. There is no moon right now and he described the almost primitive sense of being in the dark with the large waves and lurching vessel, overcast skies and the amazing solitude and ancient aloneness (if there is such a word) one can feel out there.
Then, drama on the high seas! Bill was reporting the same position, the same conditions, the same course as they were struggling to gain headway to California. They had been talking with Richard who was doing well under even more difficult circumstances (he has a smaller boat, more open cockpit, less freeboard) but was having some difficulty with his cutlass bearing (the apparatus that keeps the water out of the boat at the junction where the shaft of the propeller enters the boat to connect to the engine). He may decide to turn back and they will let us all know after they talk with him. At this point the transmission crackled loudly and squealed and went dead. I assumed the satellites had gone out of alignment or some such and went about my business.
An hour later a brief, business-like call from Bill. "We were really creamed. Almost ripped the dodger off. Everyone is ok. The boat is ok. We are putting things back together and will try to email later." Wow!! Check the blog again in a couple of hours. I'm sure they will have tales to tell. Aloha for now.

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