Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now it is Official

We are well and truly entering the "Over the Hump." phase of the trip. Not only did we finish off one fuel tank and switch to the other but then the wind started filling in from the north (cold) just like is supposed to and we are sailing again. But the real clincher is that the (Island Girl) Skipper showed up for her watch this morning wearing shoes for the first time.

Our Tuesday, 19 June 2007, 0600 HST, position is 34N16, 148W42. We are sailing with a 1/2 unfurled jib and one reef in the main. Pretty conservative rig, but we are reminded from time to time that "This isn't the race guys. It's the delivery. Let's not break anything." We are even using the running backs to stiffen the rig.

Our course is 050M and speed 5.5 knots. Wind is at 300 relative and 10 knots. That's a true wind of about 330T, 9 knots. The barometer is 1022 down from 1026 a day ago. Less than 1500 miles to go with about 1000 behind us.

That's it for now. Bill

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