Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Support crew slipping too?

What's with us? We mustered up a bit of wind and gave up on our efforts? Historically we have been able to create near gale force winds. More dancing. More burnt offerings. More voodoo like you do so well ..... please!
Bill says that if they weren't in a hurry they would be really enjoying the mellow sail. Although it is cold on deck it is pleasant below. If they get in Monday they should still have 6 prep days which is ok - but they would like as much time as possible. Did I already tell you that Joel is on dry ice patrol? Anyone else in the area planning to help?
Sorry about Agnes having to manage her house guests without Chris. I know how it feels having had 2 (family - might not count) last week, one this week and two next week.
Back to main subject - BLOW BABY BLOW - vent, vent, tout est le vent! (can't remember if wind is masculine or feminine, sorry.)


Renie said...

You push, we'll pull. We're doing all the native dances we know of out here in Arizona!
-nic and sarah

Christin Shacat said...

Indonesian winds must be slow getting to you... I am off the ship in a few hours, so I make sure you'll get all the wind that there is here in West Timor (25kt). You probably tried that already, but here is something I heard helps: scratching the luff of the mainsail is supposed to bring you winds, too! Good luck you guys! Blow & scratch as hard as you can! Aloha, Christin