Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 5 from Valerie

Bill became engrossed in fixing the solenoid (still a work in progress) and didn't call me until about 8:30HST. I knew he was ok but hate the waiting for the phone to ring. One certainly does become spoiled by technology. I'd have never made it in the 18th century with a seaman for a husband!
We are sad to report that Richard has decided to turn back and drop out of the race. He had chosen a more easterly course and was really getting pounded. Should be back in Hawaii in 2-3 days. I'll keep you posted.
Cirrus could also be taking a more easterly course but has opted for a little more conservative course in the interest of comfort for the boat and the crew. Weather systems look like the wind will become lighter tomorrow and somewhat confused. They should be able to point more towards Long Beach but may have to motor for a day or two. That makes it noisy and hot but worth it to get going in the right direction.
Absent any more excitement, that's it for today. Aloha!

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Anonymous said...

o i'm sad 2 hear richard has 2 turn around,it must be so disappointing for him...but its good 2 hear Cirrus is still progressing !!! dont beat yourselves up 2 bad out there...we want you all back in 1 piece !!! Olives Capt. LG !!!