Monday, June 25, 2007

Yes, But . . .

As Bill reported earlier today, it is truly wonderful to be aboard Cirrus when she squeezes six knots of boat speed out of six knots of wind on a flat sea. During my watch, we were charging the batteries and motor-sailing at about six knots when a puff came up and gave us 7.5 knots of boat speed for about ten minutes. Sweet! However, as I write this, we have sailed into another hole. And worse, we are being headed by about 30 degrees. But the surface chart sort of predicts all this. We are on the eastern fringe of the high and it is all very oddly-shaped and disorganized. We will probably have sub-ten-knots winds, from an interesting variety of directions, for another day or so.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying your reports of various world news events. Like the Honolulu stabbings (was it stabbings? or stubbings?), and the America's Cup, and Alakai's progress. So, keep them coming.

Today's trash patrol report: two miniature sargasso seas about six feet in diameter: one composed of a snarl of one-inch sisal rope with a beard of green nets; the other a large wad of fine netting, like a giant yellow cheesecloth.

Talked to Lou last night on the 7085 kHz amateur band and it was surprisingly low in static noise. Surprising, because right next door, marine SSB 8B, 8297 kHz, was extremely noisy. I can't really explain it except to speculate that 8B has a lot of distant traffic on it that adds up to a lot of static here. We're going to try 7085 again tonight at 1930 HST.

It's 1400, time for my nap; PacSea up at 1730. See you later . . .

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