Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You're probably tired of reading this . . .

Light winds. In the last hour, it has picked up some and we are now averaging 5 knots, with spurts to 6, but it has been mostly 3 knots with sessions of much less. When it gets really light, we pole out the jib. Two reasons: one, it keeps the jib from flapping and driving everyone crazy. And two, it keeps us busy for a while. The skies are 100% overcast and when the sea is calm, it looks like lead cellulite. Not a trace of wind ripples.

Trash flash: This morning we passed a red ball that had a five-foot mast on it, and a five foot beard. The water was so clear we could see the beard very distinctly hanging down in the water. Other than that, no ships, no icebergs, no space ships.

Agnes reports that she thinks she has successfully vanquished the skunk from under our house. You go girl! It does a sailor man's heart good to know that things are under control at home. For anyone interested in reading more about the topic, I highly recommend the book "Ahab's Wife". Speaking about books, another top item on the Cirrus book club list is "Ghost Ship" about the recovery of the Marie Celeste. I haven't read it yet but Bill says it's fascinating. And if I haven't already mentioned it ten times, you gotta read "Gales of November" about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. And, of course, listen to the Gordon Lightfoot song of the same title.

In other news, Donna saw the most amazing thing this morning; a sunrise green flash, very rare.

Time for my nap. See you tomorrow.
- Chris

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