Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keeping busy . . .

The main feature of this morning's weather was the wind speed: zero. But, because we are sailors, we chose to play with the sails anyway. We poled out the jib and tweaked the main until we saw 1.5, then 2.2 on the knotmeter. Then we settled down to a rousing game of Trivial Pursuits to while away the watch. At one point we got a nice puff and sailed at 5+ knots for a while, hitting 7 at one point, but overall, it continues to be very light.

Just around noon today we spotted a ship heading our way. Lindsey spoke to them and they said they were a PCC, bound for Panama. Does anyone have any idea what a PCC is? We can see that it's a pretty big ship, but nothing else sticks out. Speaking of ships, yesterday Lindsey talked to an officer on a container ship bound for XingDao in China. This guy told us he was Filipino and he was very chatty. He rattled off all the stats about his ship and all the ports it had been to and where it was destined. He discussed the TransPac at length with Lindsey. At one point, we were all listening to this very lengthy exchange go on and on and we were all betting that he was going to ask her for her number. Alas, no.

Current position: 33N55 135W37, course 080 M at 2.7 knots. Winds from the north at 2 knots. Sky is mostly overcast, but it's very warm and bright out there.


Christin Shacat said...

It could be a type of RORO (Roll-on/roll-off) merchant ship. A true RORO's ramps can serve all of the vessel’s decks; otherwise it is a hybrid type. New automobiles that are transported by ship around the world are often moved on a large type of RORO called a Pure Car Carrier (PCC) or Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC). Wikipedia

I am sending you all of our wind from Indo, hope it'll make it to you soon (we don't need that here to survey anyways!).

See you soon! Keeping all fingers crossed and am dancing & chanting when nobody's watching...

Puste puste,

Valerie said...

I was about to tell you what Christin already did. I can only add that I am not sure what makes a car "pure" (-;
Didn't take long for our magical wind incantations to start to work. Wait until everyone jumps in.
Chris, you sound so subdued. Illegitemus non carborundum! (guess I didn't get the comment off fast enough.)
You are almost there!

Anonymous said...


Details for the ship:
Pcc Baltic LeaderCargo Ship

IMO Number: 8202692
Country: Panama
MMSI Number: 353882000
Length: 161.0m
Callsign: 3EEX6
Beam: 27.0m