Sunday, June 17, 2007


Wet !
It's certainly not yet the "Beginning of the End" or for that matter, it's not even the "End of the Beginning", but something is going on none the less. Latitude wise we will be in Long beach by this time tomorrow. A cold snap last night sent everyone below to put some clothes on. Who knows, if this keeps up the Skipper might even begin wearing shoes. another tell tale sign is the fact that our heading is starting to shift eastward. First 010, then 020 and ,at the moment, 035M.

Lindsey is starting to think about a half way party (and has pointed out that it's really a 1/4 way party) that we are all looking forward to. The GPS says that we've come 662 miles and have 1730 to go. It also says that it will take us another 12-13 days to get there. I think that might be close but a little pessimistic.

Our Sunday, June 17, 2007,0600HST position is 31N29, 152W46. Our course over the ground is 032M at a speed of 6.7 knots. We are close hauled and motoring into relatively light ENE breezes.

Yesterday we all had a Natural History observational first. We saw a rainbow. The geometry and the location of the afternoon sun all guaranteed that it was a real rainbow, located in the right place. However, there were no colors, just a narrow band of cloud arching up into the sky. "Cloud Rainbow" Sounds like a ship name. Maybe I'll reserve the name for my first PO (Personal Orbiter).


Cirrus CloudsCloud Rainbow

Note from Ulli & Valerie: the pictures were sent from Cirrus today, and we posted them manually, as this still can't be done via email

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Put some clothes on? or Put more clothes on? You will pardon my curiosity, I hope! (-;