Sunday, June 3, 2007

On our way (again).

SO far so good. It is about 1830 HST, on Sunday the 3rd of June. Sunset is not too far away. We are about 25 miles out, at 21N50, 157w34. We are motoring into 3-4 knots of wind with no sails up, on a course of 025M and making about 5.2 knots over the ground. It is slowly getting more bumpy as the wind speed creeps up.

It was great good luck that we found a new water pump on Sunday morning. Mike Rush and Charlie Bellman at the Ali Wai Marine actually dropped what they were doing and opened up the store to search for the pump in their stock. There apparently was one in "Will Call" that had not yet been picked up. Awesum! . The two old pumps will serve as spares.

That's about it for today. Everyone is pretty wiped out from the rush to get underway. Lots of naps going on. Hope the news remains good and maybe we'll have more to say as the trip progresses.


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