Thursday, June 7, 2007

I think we've got all the bugs out.

Well, we have successfully completed our second shakedown cruise and other than the alternator that went up in a puff of smoke, most of the things that need to be fixed are rather minor. Of course, we did not think it was a shakedown cruise when we set out. We thought we were on our way to Long Beach. But alternator failure is serious. So, we are back at the dock for the second time. Replaced the alternator yesterday and now we're topping off the tanks, adding some provisions and getting underway, yet again, for Long Beach on Saturday. Wish us luck this time.

(This time with a new alternator and a spare.)

FLASH!! JUST IN!!! - Nancy will not be able to do the delivery with us because of the delay and additional time involved . Chris Doutre from Santa Cruz, who handled communications for us last year during the delivery to San Francisco, is flying in to take her place. That will delay our departure until Monday. It's getting a little close.


Anonymous said...

What, you think we haven't wished you luck each time? OK --- GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Luck, fair winds, and lively conversation! That's what I wish for you. It sure is exciting that you've invited Chris along. I remember hearing what an excellent experience it was the last time, and how the crew you had made the trip a delight for him. We were already going to watch your progress with interest anyway, but now I will certainly be checking in every day.