Friday, June 15, 2007

Valerie - day 3

Managed a quick visit with Bill while on my way to the Flint, MI airport (Flint to Chicago to LA to, finally at 11:30 PM HST, Honolulu). When I asked why they were only making 2-3 knots headway in a 20 knot wind I was told that they could, easily, go faster but would be headed straight for Japan. If they want to get to Long Beach they have to put up with the banging into waves and slow but seady progress. All were well. I suspect that this is going to feel like a very long trip.
I already miss the Dunkel-Jones clan but we had a wonderful visit and it was great to be picked up by Nicholas, here on a business/pleasure trip. And it is always good to be home. Aloha for now.

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