Thursday, June 28, 2007

lindsey girls first blog

this is my first blog. i would like to start by thanking my mom for braving the fore peak and getting out the 1/2 OZ. once we we put it up, the boat went a whole knot faster, that really is saying a lot in these conditions. i would also like to give her a pat on the back for all the wonderful cooking she has done. in all my 22 years of life i can honestly say this is by far the most i have ever seen my mother cook, and it tastes really good too.
i would also like to thank Chris for doing all the radio stuff, and for teaching me some new things, ( like how to do this blog). also for taking time out of his life for coming out on this nice sail with us.
bill does a lot too, but ill save all of that for another blog.
i cant remember why i sat down to do this blog so im going to come to a close now. we have 401.9 miles to go till we get to long beach (or some way point off of long beach), we are out of fresh and frozen food but have LOTS of delicious can food and rice, to hold us over till we get to long beach and then some. fresh water is of no concern. we are very low on fuel, but we have enough fuel to charge the battery's, making it possible for the boys to chit-chat on the radio and blog to there hearts content, as well as allow for my mom and i to keep our drinks cool in the fridge. the wind is out of my control, but we are very happy that it is coming from behind, and if you are one to believe in weather maps, well hey boy we'll have more wind then we need in just a few miles. the wind we have now is thanks to Valerie and Christin. thats my summery of the situation as of now.
HI D MAN AND MR. O'OPU. i miss you guys i hope all is well, my mom and i are really enjoying the news reports!!! i have decided that we are going to take up spear fishing when i get home. oh and my mom and i saw 2 satellites, and now on my watch i get to see Venus and Saturn set. olives, give O'opu a big hug from me, say hi to everyone. LG


Anonymous said...

to anyone who has valerie's phone number or can contact her !!! please forward a message that richard blackburn is trying to reach her regarding getting fuel to cirrus !!! his number is 808-391-6690 or post a contact number so i can pass it along to richard thanks

Valerie said...

I have reached Richard - Amazingly because MP saw the comment and called me from Canada! The good news is that he has the possibility getting fuel to Cirrus 100 mi. of Catalina Is. I'll keep all posted as to the decisions. THANK YOU RICHARD!!

Anonymous said...

Dana said...
Wonderful! I was just about to call Val. Great teaming! With you all the way... Aloha!

Anonymous said...

nice work MP,thanks 4 the quick response!!!