Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday, June 5

8 AM HST Report from Bill via Valerie. Latitude 24, 27. Longitude 156, 53
Cirrus is well under way in 13-15 kn of wind. They are not motoring any more and are sailing with one reef and a portion of the jib unfurled. Course is still, essentially, North and seas are still very bumpy. The weather system appears to be very stable so they will probably be on this course "for days" with the trip taking a good 3 weeks.
I chided Bill about thinking about the book, the beer and the cat and he made a gracious recovery. I asked if they were fishing and the report is that they have enough excitement and aren't looking for more...basically in survival mode. Your intrepid reporter can't imagine being at sea in those conditions and Bill laughed and said "You couldn't pay me to do this, it has to be a volunteer activity!"
There is some seasickness still among the women but all are coping and doing well.
More tomorrow. Aloha - Valerie

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