Monday, July 23, 2007

The 2 o'clock Rule

Port spinnaker halyard failed, and with the whole chute in the water (huge drag from bunched up sock at top of sail) it looked like it would have to be abandoned. Lindsey managed to save some of it. Sock is gone.

Old Faithful is back up. Stbd' pole and stbd' halyard. 530 miles to go. Pacing ourselves well. More than 2/3 of the way and still have a working chute. Then there's the "wedding dress".

Our (on the last Monday of the race) 23 July 2007, 0600 PDT position was 22N15, 148W10. Course: all over the place in zero wind squally conditions. Speed: likewise.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine life without Old Faithful? This spinnacker has now how many crossings under his seams?
Nothing can go wrong anymore, keep going. Fast!

Anonymous said...


I was updating a friend on the progress of Team Cirrus when... some random ease dropper/ HYC office worker/ Team Cirrus fan said "YOU KNOW CAPT. LINDSEY AUSTIN OF CIRRUS!?!". I was just about to give her the "Who the hell? eye" when I turned around and saw her expression which looked like I had just said I was a documented descendant of JESUS.

Turns out she works for HYC and answers all the phone calls/ emails for Transpac. She said Team Cirrus is the talk of the town, and that she's exhausted from all the random phone calls/ emails inquiring about the progress of Team Cirrus.

Then went on to say that she had seen you in the Star Bulletin, The Advertiser, etc. I was like "yes, I know... and I know about that one too... and I've seen them in that too... and yes, I knew that fact about Capt. Lindsey Girl Austin. Oh yeah, well did YOU know she's also looking into buying property?... yup, she is."

I was trying to play it cool but was beaming with Team Cirrus Pride inside. And I'm sure I was doing a terrible job at playing it cool, and must have looked like I had C.P. (Cirrus Pride) written all over my face.