Monday, July 9, 2007

TRACKING CIRRUS (and other, less important, boats)

New for 2007, the entire Transpac fleet has been provided with Satellite Transponders from FIS Tracking Services LLC. These position charts are generated automatically. Rather than publish position charts once a day this service will continuously monitor the progress of each yacht in the race.

At first the positions shown will not be the current position for the yachts. Reports for the first start boats (i.e., Monday, 9 July, 2007) are supposed to be every 3 hours but they may go to every 2, the 2nd (12 July, 2007) and 3rd (15 July, 2007) starts the reports will be every 2 hours. The delay is set at 6 hours.

On Saturday the 21st (when the bulk of the boats should be arriving in Hawaii) the delay is removed and all positions will be reported in real time.

To see these tracking reports, click on the Transpac link (again, there on the right) and then click on the link to the FIS Tracking in the upper right hand corner. This is up and working now - play around with it. It is very sophisticated and good fun!

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