Monday, July 16, 2007



POSITION: 24'11N, 129'21W,


ok, so yesterday was a lot less eventful then the day before. the biggest feat was getting my blog out, i hope everyone enjoyed it. i cant remember if i mentioned that we did what we hope will be our last jibe to home, well we did, and it feels pretty good. after i got finished with my blog yesterday, i tried to get some rest, not to much luck there. Mom and Caroline had a rowdy game of trivial pursuit going on, i guess the 80's are a total loss to them. we had a really good dinner, pot roast, mashed potatoes, with lots of butter, and canned peas. that's some good nap time food.

after dinner the weather started to increase, Donna had a round down, but recovered from it quickly, and without dipping the pole, lucky since the seas were about 6 to 8 feet on our stern and the occasional random swell on our quarter. that's the one that really throws you off. i came on watch with Caroline, the wind was a little stronger and the seas yet a little bigger, we had a quick pow wow about taking the spinnaker down, but quickly dismissed that idea. Caroline and i were like rodeo stars out there!!!! i am pretty sure out of the 171 miles the boat did in 24 hours, at least 101 miles were done on our 4 hours together. Nancy came on after Caroline the weather had calmed down a bit but we were still making good time. i tried to fix some chafing we had going on on deck. once Christin came on to relieve me the weather had become nonexistent, they worked together to trim the sails and eventually got the boat back up to 7 knots. once again the mystery noise was being heard. Bill got on top of that real quick, so i was able to get into my bunk, thank goodness!!

i woke up this morning able to hear the radio roll call. Bill was listening with the head phones, he had no idea we could hear it as well. i was trying to not listen at first, and just go back to sleep, but once they got to our class i was half listening, "Cirrus 24'18 128'48, 1615 to go, first in class". holly crap i flew out of my bunk so fast, you would of thought i was on fire, i looked at Nancy, she heard it too. we could not start yelling yet because Bill was still on the radio, but we danced around silently till he was finished, then we high fived each other, and did the number one dance. i guess that tack further south, the one that was a hard decision to make, really paid off!!!! Good job navigator Bill!!!!



DAD, i guess we missed each other last night on the radio, i see that you are getting closer to your destitution, i wonder if that means you will be able to make it back to Hawaii for our finish? do you want to try again tonight? 12356 at 2230 PDT.

Dman, hi are you seeing this?? wow!! cant wait to see you. olives lg

Kimmie and Stryder, how is life going over there? did Stryder get his package? love you miss you. la


Valerie said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU - KNEW YOU COULD DO IT. Also knew all that other stuff posted by the tracker was junk. Love you all and can hardly wait to see those big grins.

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