Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chute, Chute, Chute ...

Yesterday evening we were drifting along in almost no wind (as usual) when Donna noted that the little traces of breeze were coming at us from aft of the beam and suggested that we consider putting up the half ounce. (This will get a little technical.) Those of you who know about such things will guess that this probably isn't going to work. When you are moving along (as we might be with the chute up) the apparent direction of the wind moves forward in response to the wind generated by the boat's motion. That means that (for a given course) what looked like a broad reach when you were stalled, becomes close hauled once you get moving. Catch 22. What we really needed was a huge super light headsail. Well guess what. We started out reaching and as the wind and boat speed increased over night the watch was able to trim and tweak until we were boiling along (on a good heading) at 6-7 knots with an apparent wind angle in the 45-55 degree range. Let's hear it for the crew! We are really cooking.

Another crystal clear cloudless sunset followed by some bright pink wisps of high clouds as darkness set in. This was proceeded by a big porpoise pod visit. Playing tag with each other and the bow of the boat for about 20 minutes. We also continue to see the occasional California Grey Whale.

The Navigator is a softie for this kind of stuff. When I got up in the middle of the night I noticed a glow from outside that was lighting up the inside of the boat (a little). Turning to see what it was took my breath away. The Milky Way. So bright it felt like you could almost read by it.

Thursday, 12 July 2007 position is 30N23, 120W13. Course is 186M, speed 6.3 knots. It is clear and beautiful. True wind from about 330T, 6 knots. Not enough waves to report.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked the TP tracker page and was relieved to see that you guys are now making a big wake. Well done. I've been sitting on my ass catching up on all the auto races that occurred during the delivery. I was very happy to see that Peugeot took second place at Le Mans a few weeks ago. The Tour de France is in full swing, but I am not watching it until Agnes comes home. I hope you guys had a chance to see Pegasus in Long Beach. I saw her before she left Santa Cruz. She is breathtaking, a retired Volvo Open 50, with many hand-made unobtainium parts, including a swiveling bowsprit and a carbon-fiber toilet. Fair Winds,