Monday, July 9, 2007

They are on their way!

The last load went on the boat and off they went to the start line.
According to Bill, the start was "beautiful" - 24 boats at once, some great big ones, but they all behaved themselves and it was a clean start. It is hazy with the wind light at about 5-6 kn and coming down the channel (that would be parallel to the coast.) According to the "text book" it was recommended that they tack shortly after the start which they, and about 20% of the boats did. Bill said it didn't buy them much and they will see what happens as they get to Catalina Island.
While we were talking there was chatter on the radio - evidently someone on one of the boats cut a finger pretty badly and was passed off to a spectator boat which was taking them to emergency. Pretty sad way to start and end a TransPac experience for that poor sailor.
All is well and calm aboard Cirrus. Unless I hear more, that's it for today. You might also want to keep an eye on the TransPac web site (link is there on the right) for other stories.

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