Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watched Pots ..........

........never boil. Just when we could use a decent day's run, it's another poke along. (About 128 painful miles.)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 0600 PDT position was 21N49, 150W24. Course 240M and speed 6 knots. Grasping for milestones, let me note that we have passed 150 longitude and are about to drop under 400 miles to go.

We have had a rash of bits of advice lately. We're hoping some of these knowledgeable individuals will feel sufficiently keenly about some of these issues to buy us a beer at the YC and pass their experiences on to us in person. Of course, some of the advice amounts to, "You should do it the way we do it, instead of the way you do it."

On Cirrus, usually, no one climbs the mast, and we don't intentionally hoist or lower sails that are whipping about in the wind.

Just for fun (And because I have a couple free minutes.) let me ramble on a bit. We do a lot of things on Cirrus that most serious racers can't imagine. Mostly having to do with safety and being able to use the skills of crew new to the boat or without extensive open ocean racing experience. For example, we use two spinnaker poles, each with it's own dedicated topping lift, fore and after guy. That's six lines so far. Then there are fore and after guys at each clew of the spinnaker, and a halyard, of course. We're up to eleven. There is a spinnaker fence, to prevent wraps, that has an associated halyard. Twelve. And then the line for hoisting and lowering the sock. Thirteen. Then, of course, there are running backs, twings, and (Don't get me started.) all the lines associated with sheeting from the end of the boom in very light conditions. You get the picture.

Wish us wind. See you soon. Bill


Doug said...

Do it your way, then. It seems to work for you...

I'll shut up, but I'm still willing to demonstrate when you get to Hawaii if you're interested in trying something different.

Anonymous said...

what a dork

Anonymous said...

recall !!! i know cirrus crew is eating well but just in case,Cattle Drive and Best Yet chilis have been recalled...toss'em....also new studies have linked ALL soda,yes even DIET soda,directly to diabetes so im done with soda,how about you? other big stories surround the newest lava ponds on big island and drew carey is the new price is right host...hurry home cirrus !!! wind,wind,wind!!! summon your eagle powers!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI, awards banquet tickets must be purchased by Thursday at 2:00 PM (we won't be able to buy tickets on the day of the event). They are asking that a representative from each boat buy all the boat's tickets at one time, which I would be happy to do if you guys think you'll be in on time and want to go to the banquet. Just let me know asap!

See you all soon :)


Anonymous said...

I can take care of the tickets too - I know the count is now 15. Be sure and let Joseph and me know which should purchase so we don't end up with 30!!

And, for the record, Bill IS NOT a dork! Is everyone Sense of Humor Impaired???? Lordy

Anonymous said...

Or maybe "anonymous" thinks Doug is a dork? Probably not true either!

Anonymous said...

Lindseys dad Bill Austin has been trying to find out how to get a ticket. He will arrive sometime early on the 25th from Seattle.
You can get ahold of me at
Ron Ellis