Thursday, July 12, 2007



POSITION: 30'03N, 120'22W

yesterday afternoon, still not to much wind and very little boat speed, we lost that boat Anna something or other behind a cloud bank, and have not seen here since.
lunch was once again a winner,, thank you Caroline!!!
i got woken up at around 1400, Mom thought it might be time to put up a spiker, so i got the 1/2 oz out from the forward peck. Christin, Bill, and I worked together on the for deck to get the lines run right, once it came time to hoist Caroline and Christin were on the sheets Donna was on the helm, i did the hoisting, while Bill gave us feed back. once everything was in order the boat speed jumped from 2.5 knots to about 5.5 knots, latter on in the evening we were doing about 7 knots.
at about 1700 Nancy started dinner, life is good, flat seas, the wind coming more from behind, and not a cloud in the sky.
dinner is served, Nancy has made a salad, a pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes. it hit the spot.all night long the dolphins hung out around the boat, jumping, swimming in our bow wake, and talking to each other. i guess my mom woke up around 0200, Christin was on the helm doing 7 knots, we started thinking it might be time to put a heaver spiker up, but we decided to wait a little till the wind picks up a little.
at 0608 the sun came up with a great big green flash only Donna could see. the wind is dieing a little but were still moving about 5 knots. the ocean is incredibly flat, not a cloud in the sky. there is still a little chill in the air, we continue to were our full bibs, jackets, boots, gloves and watch caps. we are all looking forward to it getting warmer. Caroline is a little under the weather with a cold,but everyone else is feeling great.
Bill keeps busy at the Nav station and the position reports. but he took time out of his day to show Christin how to use a sextet. he has a new student on board, the rest of us are old news or bad news, we don't know witch one. oh and two things i forgot, Donna and Caroline saw fish jumping straight out of the water, not like flying fish. and this morning we saw our first albatross.

thats all for now Captain LG


RICHARD can you please send us Debbie Dehais e mail address, don't send it over the blog, e mail it to us. thank you, hi to nate, larry, and kinky

KIMMIE i think it is amazing you got Stryder to wave buy at me from that far away!!!! LOL Personaly i like west Maui, is the hole family on there way over there or just you and Stryder?? Let me know how Dman and i can help. love you LA

Dman last night there were so many stars in the sky i could not find one single satalight. oh well. tell Mr. Oopu i still remember him peeing on my foot once. love you guys LG

CEC & 777 hi guys been thinking a lot about you guys hope your not flying to much, or at least getting something to show for it. see ya

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Anonymous said...

u made me lol !! he pees on everything! i cant believe he thought he could claim u like that...i fished westside w/keith,kaulana...we caught a 180lbs ahi !!! thats keiths 4th big ahi n the last 9 days !!! i guess 2 many stars n the sky is the reason i couldnt find satellites n tahiti either...but if u could find that glass ball,u will spot sats.!! :) sail safe!! aloha dman n mr.oopu GO CIRRUS!!!