Tuesday, July 17, 2007



POSITION:24'12N, 132'47W



Ok so well im not it too great of a mood, i dont know why, but ill try to make this an interesting blog anyways. after finding out we were in first place yesterday, and still are, nothing really happened. we had a good lunch of shredded beef burrito, that was tasty. Nancy and Christin had a good afternoon watch, they were able to keep the boat moving and steady, so i got a well needed great nap. once i woke up it was time for dinner, chicken pot pie and fresh celery sticks. Bill told us a few story's about how around the same time he meet Valerie, he owned a BMW motorcycle, he and a friend used to ride and get chicken pot pies together.
after dinner i settled down with a book. around sunset we got a call on our VHF, " transpac sail boat, transpac sail boat", they were calling us. i thought that was pretty cool!!!! nobody ever calls us. any ways it turned out to be Ruahatu, they are in division 4. they sailed across our stern on a different tack. i got a really big kick out of seeing her, its rare to see another sail boat out in the middle of the ocean, and then to see one with a spinnaker up, well i thought it was neat.
i got on watch at 2100 the seas were building as well as the wind, Caroline and I had our usual competition of who could get the boat going fastest, i was just about to beat her 9.5 record when it was her turn to steer. a little before 2230 i was heading down below when Caroline belted out "9.7". oh man she had raised the bar again. its at that time i started to wonder, maybe Caroline is on steering enhancement supplements?
i got my dad on the radio no problem, loud and clear, he is very excited about the progress of our boat. he is also getting closer to Seattle and the weather is getting cold, i guess his ship is about 900 miles off shore and he spotted 2 seals. once i got off the radio with pops i got back on to the helm, the wind had died out a bit, so no luck in beating Caroline. when Nancy and Christin came on watch the wind and the seas were not so much, and the course had drooped down to west.
i woke up this morning and guess what i saw?? we were making some time on Rancho Deluxe and another boat, i couldn't see the name of the other boat, we were going far too fast. after realizing those boats are division 5 boats, we thought we would save them the embarrassment of getting a beating from an Aloha class boat and let them pass us up. we had a nice feeling of charity as we watched them sail over the horizon.
due to wind and course reasons, we put another tack in and will be tacking back and forth for the next few days till the wind is coming from a more favorable direction. its not a big deal. other then that the wind has dropped a little but should be up again tonight or early morning. oh and for those who are curious, we are aware of the weather system directly south of us, and no it will not affect us. i am in a better mood now thank you
i will post my blog earlier tomorrow sorry for the delay.
CAPTAIN lg out


Dman: thank you for the news, how did you get Jimmy Buffet to come to Hawaii to play just for my birthday??? i would love to go but i think i might be at work, we'll think about it. Mom wants to know if you could feel the earthquake?? we miss you, all the good snacks are gone so i think it is time to really make an effort to get home. olive you lg

Katie: we got your message, my Mom is really happy you were there and able to intercept it. i hope you are still on Oahu when we get in you have to come to the dock party, i will make sure Derrick calls you. see ya.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey:
Have you set the spinnaker yet? Howz it working? Did it add to your recent success?
DO WELL!!!! We're looking forward to your arrival.
Uncle Tom

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lindsey Girl & Mariners: Good news - Received a confirmation today from KGMB9 TV - They will have a presence at your arrival, to catch you the moment you arrive home. Can't wait to see and be with you! The family sends their love.
Aloha, Aunty Dana

Anonymous said...

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