Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cirrus Overall Winner of TP '07 ?

Well, for a moment I thought I had missed something, but this surely is the impression you get when reading the lastest Transpac press release (decisions, decisions,...). Don't miss it!

Congratulations to all - including Valerie, sorry the many others I don't know - well done and surely exciting! Let's build on this for the next ;-)) time.

This race was the longest ever for Cirrus - 17.51 days -, a full day longer than the slow Pacific Cup 2000 (16.46 days). However, tp also goes over a longer distance (+147 nm), and on average speed the PCup was still slower albeit by as little as 3/100 of a knot (5.27kn vs 5.24kn). Numerology courtesy of Cirrugator...

Aloha, Ulli

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