Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cirrus faster than Pegasus

Don't miss today's press release from transpac - Cirrus faster than Pegasus! Ok, ok, I hear you, but why bother with the details, last day Cirrus was 1 mile faster than Pegasus. You can talk to your grandchildren about this day. Here is the quote:

"Philippe Kahn's Pegasus 101 [...], rated as the sixth fastest boat in the fleet, [...] made only 146 miles---one less than Bill Myers' Cirrus, a 34-year-old Standfast 40 leading the Aloha B division with Lindsey Austin, 22, as skipper and four other women as crew.

The south was still good for Cirrus and a few others. "

Yep, I guess Stan Honey wishes to have Cirrugator on his boat ;-))

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