Friday, July 13, 2007



POSITION: 28'22N 122'10W

this is a picture of me checking the chafe. (Editor's note: Look closely - no doubt about who is the Captain!)

i think i forgot to mention that a few days ago we busted out the whisker pole, it's a pole that is about half the size of a spinnaker pole. it connects to the mast and then at a 90' angel connects to the guide. it's a pole that is used with the spinnaker pole, its purpose is to allow us to reach with a spinnaker up, and not bend the crap out of our stanchions, and take stress off the spinnaker pole. if you have any questions about any of that you can Google it. it seems to be working very well!!

Nancy has been saying that this is the best sailing of her life, we have been sailing between 6 and 7 knots, my Mom just chimed in "easy 7". we did not demand perfection for lunch yesterday, seeing as how Caroline is under the weather (head cold), but Mama Mia, she whipped up some thin crust pizza, and a fresh salad complete with sugar snags and cucumber, and a choice of three dressings. it really hit the spot!!! about the same time as lunch we saw another pod of dolphins, we think they were feeding because they were acting funny, and they did not come by to say hi. the weather is getting warmer!!!! later in the afternoon my mom was helping me put on some sun screen when we both saw a massive marlin jump straight out of the water, so high its whole body was out of the water. i have only seen something like that when they have a hook in their mouth. i don't think the hand line my brother Phillip made us could of handled that kind of fish. Nancy, Donna, Christine, and i spent most of the late afternoon sun bathing, Christine is just a few shades lighter then me now. (haa haa ha)

bill got out his sextant, i took a sun sight and once we corrected it out, it was perfect, so we thought something was wrong, we handed the sextant over to Christin ( we think it was her second time taking a shot) and what do you know, perfect, then bill took a shot, his was off just a little. we got a big kick out of that. today we might do take a few sights and correct them the old school way.

this subject here deserves its own paragraph. Nancy went south of the boarder last night for dinner, and it was unreal!!! we had Carnitas, with your choice of corn or flour tortillas, fresh avocado, green onion, and chilled sour cream. oh it does not stop there, we busted out the Costco sized container of salsa, and for desert chocolate chip cookies. it was muy bueno!!!

a few hours after dinner, at sunset, Donna saw a green flash again... this time there were witnesses, Bill and Caroline saw it too. at 2230 with the help of Ron Ellis a man on Oahu, i was able to hale my dad on the SSB radio. it was really nice to get to talk to him. he is taking a ship from Papua New Guinea to Seattle. i think earlier on his trip he passed my big brother Phillip, Phill was leveling Midway on a tug an tow, while my dad was heading north to Seattle, now in a few days my dad and i will be passing each other. small ocean.


Nancy saw 9 shooting stars, and got to watch the big dipper set in to the ocean, and one fast moving ship.

Donna saw a shooting star that you could see all the way across the sky till just about 2 inches above the horizon.

Caroline was able to see big fish swimming around the boat due to the disturbance of the phosphorescence

I saw 13 shooting stars and one satellite.

i think that is all for now, LG

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