Wednesday, July 11, 2007



POSITION: 31'51 NORTH, 119'35 WEST

well i guess you might call this day two, there is not much to report. yesterday Caroline made a fantastic lunch!!! we had turkey sandwiches with avocados, and jalopino cheese on a very nice whole wheat bread, she even busted out the pickles!!! after comparing Caroline's with Nancy's sandwiches, we came to a unanimous decision, Caroline is the designated sandwich maker.

Bill and i spent some time together looking over some weather maps, it looks like it might turn around in the next couple of days. we also spent some time looking at our progression amongst the rest of the fleet, were all still really close together.
a little after lunch Donna and Christin noticed something funny going on with the water, we all got out of our bunks, piled on deck, and watched what looked like the water boiling, it turned out to be a huge school of fish, it was pretty neat. Nacy made dinner, we had spinach and cheese ravioli with a parmesan garlic sauce, and home made garlic bread, it was so good we all had seconds.

my Mom said that it was perfect sailing weather yesterday, flat seas, ten knots of wind, with a boat speed up to eight knots. by the time i came on watch at 2100 the wind had died out again and we were drifting more then sailing. during my 5 hour watch i think i saw about 13 different ships pass around us, none of them Transpac boats. it was by far the most boats i have ever seen on one watch. oh i almost forgot, Nacy and i also had a bunch of dolphins come by last night, we could not see them but we could here them, the really cool thing was that as they would swim around they would leave behind them a trail of phosphorus.
Christin noticed some seals spy hoping around us, and breathing in our general direction. this morning on Donna and Caroline's watch they sailed by some kelp patties that were being circled by a few black tip sharks.

today the weather is very nice, the ocean is as flat as a pancake, we have about 8 knots of wind, we are moving along nicely. there is not one cloud in the sky, so it is a heavy sunscreen day. we have a sailboat about 3 miles off our starboard beam, we think it might be Anna Katarina, were not to sure but what ever, she is not in our class anyways.

Derrick: thank you to Derrick for sending us the article from star bulletin, we got a kick out of it!!! olives

Kimmie: help me out here, how fast is god speed??? LOL


Valerie said...

Love the Captain's Blog - could really imagine what it is like on board. Great writing!
FYI, Lindsey - I have posted the picture of you at the helm as a toddler with the link to the Star Bulletin article. Sooo cute - same great smile as you still have!

Anonymous said...

Sea Trek - Captain's Blog is my absolute favorite daily reading. Can't wait to jump on the computer in the am to get the latest news. ...trail of phosphorus ...boiling water ...and other wondrous sea animal experiences, as well as stories of better meals than I've had in quite a while! Bill - I believe Jay Fidell is interested in getting in touch with you regarding a "live" interview for his Think Tech Hawaii Show on HPR. Shall I have him communicate via the blog? Aloha, Dana

Anonymous said...

Hi Christin, good to hear from the cruise.
The kite sock is a very convenient item for limited crew sailing ;)
You'll probably get to use one when you come sail on Hookipa !


Anonymous said...

no problem captain,anything 4 u !! got ur letter 2day n will follow through the blog!! i feel like am there sailing n 4 some reason I'm suddenly really hungry?! aloha 2 the crew n olives 2 the captain,cant wait 4 the new post!!! mr. oopu says hi n wants 2 know if u still remember him? :) dman