Saturday, July 14, 2007

Settle In

We did 153 miles yesterday. That's a 6.4 knot average. There are 1856 miles to Makapu'u and at yesterday's rate that is about 12 days. So, we might still make it before the fat lady sings.

Our Saturday, 14 July 2004, 0600 PDT position was 27N19, 124W16. Course is 230M, speed about 5 knots. The wind is light, about 8 knots, and is slowly, day by day, changing direction, 330T - 000T - and just now, 035T. Still have the half oz. chute up that went up a couple days ago. Might last the whole trip at this rate. Perfect sail for the conditions. We are reaching more now and running a bit. Not so close hauled as before.

Still no seas to speak of, so it is still pretty smooth sailing.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh I am soooooooooo glad nothing major happened on Friday the 13th. I know all about the history of the Cirrus. I thought sure I would log on to read a 9 page story of some sort. I'm relieved. Oh...I just love those Captain bikini bottoms Lindsey!
I am a bit shocked to find out my dad had some trouble being off on a sextant reading though. There has to be some other explanation. Bill could navigate by the stars or by the hairs that stand up on the back of his neck.

He seems to have an innate feel for the ocean. Now....catching good wind days...that is another story. That particular Goddess does NOT seem to smile down on him during races and such.

I'll be checking in each day to see your progress. Sending windy thoughts and wishes your way.
Much love.