Friday, July 20, 2007

No Turning Back

Well, we've passed through what some people claim is the most isolated ocean area on earth. We have had our halfway party. So it looks like we are committed.

Our position, today, Friday, 20 July 2007, 0600 PDT was 23N10, 140W18. We covered 164 miles yesterday and we have about 970 miles to go.



Anonymous said...

Cirrus has no such concerns. Bill Myers' 34-year-old Standfast 40 continues to lead the Aloha B division by more than 100 miles over the next boat, Lady Liberty, the slowest-rated boat in the race. There are no all-woman boats in this Transpac but Myers' all-Hawaiian Cirrus is close.

"I'm just along for the ride," he said. "Lindsey and her mom have taken over the boat. When you're in charge you've got knots in your stomach 24 hours a day."

Lindsey Austin, 22, is the skipper who landed on her feet after missing the last cut for Disney's Morning Light team. Her mom Donna Austin is a watch captain. Both have 100-ton Master's licenses and have done numerous boat deliveries. Other crew members are Caroline Heinrich, commodore of the Hawaii Women's Yacht Racing Association; Nancy Piper and Christi Shacat.

Myers messaged: "If you check the chart it is almost impossible to find Cirrus in the mob of high- performance bigger boats crowding around since we've been doing so well. Lindsey claims we held back to be polite. Amazing how many friends you have when you're number one."

Anonymous said...

previous post was from transpac press release so cirrus crew can enjoy the story also...side note to lindsey & donna,richard is looking at blog daily but is having trouble sending comments...keep up the pace cirrus,we are all so proud of everyone!!!

Valerie said...

Received an Email from Michael Moradzadeh - "go Cirrus go!"
Guess you know how Paris Hilton feels - lots of friends when you are on top!