Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sounding Better

Just spoke with Bill and things continue to go very well. They are "cooking along" at 6.1 kn. and "it sure feels good." Seas are calm and smooth. Everyone is getting into Blog mode so you should start seeing more entries from the crew. That should be fun reading!
If you have ever been to a planetarium and looked up and seen the black silhouette in the sky from the projector, you will be able to picture what it looked like to Bill as he looked out the hatch at the milky way last night. Beautiful sky with Cirrus' radar creating a black outline in the middle of it. Surreal!
There is a possibility of some live, or maybe recorded, presence on "Think Tech Hawaii with Jay Fidell" on HPR. I'll let you all know if it actually gets scheduled.
That's it from me today. Keep up the good wind thoughts and dances and offerings.


Anonymous said...

Here's a wind dance for you! And I'll get Baby B to do one, too!


Anonymous said...

Awesome coverage on Lindsey. I'm so glad things are underway. Naturally I will be doing some wild and wacky wind dances to send Mother Wind out to see Bill and everyone. I look forward to seeing more entries detailing all the escapades.

Bill's Daughter