Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Donna Austin
sea date 25 July 2007

Back in December 2006 when this whole venture started, July seemed so far away, and getting everything pulled together for a June 2 delivery was going to be a piece of cake. But as the months passed time started to fly and with each passing month it came faster and faster. Even though it was Bill and I always working on the boat, I did call on others for their help and support. Family and friends were called upon for all sorts of help and strange requests, and sometimes families were asked to do more than usual. Even though there are only six of us on board all of the following had something to do with CIRRUS doing Transpac 2007 this year, and I would like to THANK them and acknowledge.
Bill and Valerie
Agnes and Chris Doutre, Chris made it possible to do the delivery
Dana Fujikake our press person,and someone with so much Aloha!
Tom Richie outfitted us with a new spinnaker
Rick at Makani Kai for casting off our lines... a few times.
Debbie Deshais, Ann Ford, Danielle Larrew and all the women of HWYRA and the members of Pearl Harbor Yacht Club.
Ala Wai Marine
Gary Domasin(my brother) and Jim Hormel for letting us crash at their house and use their washer and dryer non stop
G.B. Domasin (my mom) for the use of her car
Al and Peggy Domasin (my brother) for hosting a party for the crew of CIRRUS
MP thanks for following us
Treasure T's Good job on the silk screening
KYC thank you for putting us on your homepage, as well as a link to our blog
WYC thanks for the coverage in the monthly mail out
Rich Roberts thanks for giving us such nice coverage
NORTH SAILS and Fuzz Foster for the awesome spinnaker and hand delivery
Joel Gober for helping us with the dry ice, and navigating advice off of the point
Paul and Robbin Imire (our hosts in Long Beach) I dont know were to start; organizing a tow for us to get to the dock in the first place, making us feel welcome, and answering all of our stupid questions. Can't wait for you to come to Hawaii and do some diving
Warren Wolf for putting together the welcome book, we wore the pages out.
Linda West for supporting our crew and always supporting womens sailing
SLYC (shoreline yacht club), Debbie and all the members, you really made us feel like family!
English Johnny and Kathrine for keeping a watchful eye on the boat and introducing us to all the cool people.
Ullman Sails and Bryan Dair for repairing our main so quickly
Lou and Kim Ickler for the really tasty muffins, and the radio check-ins
Maya Fujikake for helping to run errands and making the Lei for the boat
Star Bulletin reporter Katherine Nichols for really capturing the crew of Cirrus and putting out an unreal story
Ullie Steiner were do I start? the Cirrugator for one. all of the tech support with the blog. taking the blog international. i know i am forgetting a million things
Crew of Siesta for being really jazzed for us
Think Tech Hawaii, Jay and Sharon Fidel for inviting us to do a radio spot from out in the middle of the ocean
West Marine Hawaii for answering all of our questions and letting us return just a few things
TPYC and volunteers (transpac yacht club ) for hosting this race
Latitude 38' for having Cirrus pride
Hilo Hattie's (Sharon)
NOAA weather staff at U of H
The crew of Cirrus,Bill, Nancy, Caroline, and Christine
Most of all I need to thank my family Lindsey and Phillip Austin for believing in me and Richard Blackburn for loving me and for supporting my sailing.

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Anonymous said...


It was an honor and a privilege for me to sail with you and the crew of Cirrus. It seems that my memory must be somewhat selective because, while I will probably maintain some dim memory of the struggles, I will always have a vivid mental image of the triumphs. Like the beautiful sunny weather of Long Beach harbor after hours of thick fog.

And I really love to brag about "my" boat being first in class. Well done. Welcome home (soon).

Fair winds. - Chris