Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Morning

Just as I was about to record our 0600 position for the 0800 check in there was a loud pop. By now (This was the 3rd or 4th time.) it was no longer necessary to enquire "What was that?" Instead (Knowing that a heavily loaded line had parted.) the emphasis was on: harness, tether, gloves and on deck! We were on a port pole (Putting another little tuck in.) and the guy (with it's improvised doughnut) had let go. They don't make spectra like they used to.

The sock got hung up somehow on the forestay and they ended up pulling it down on deck without the sock or a bag to put it in. Once the sail was inside the boat it was straight forward to jibe the main and hoist a 3/4 oz. on the other side. Now we are once again "on rails" and aimed directly at the finish line.

Re-packing the 1.5 oz. (sock, cramped space, etc.) is non-trivial.

So, this is probably old stuff by now, but ... Our Thursday, 19 July 2007, 0600 PDT position was 22N47, 137W22. Course 220M, speed 6 knots. We are 1st in Division Aloha B, and 48th in the fleet. It is sunny, warm and drizzley. Deadly humidity.

Half way point this morning at 0200 PDT, 1150 miles each way. Party this evening.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mariner's! Have a well-deserved half-way party tonight, and know that we're all sending you big hugs! Hope it's all a downhill run from here as we wish you Godspeed from here to Diamond Head! Good to hear you on Think Tech Hawaii. malama pono, Aunt Dana