Tuesday, July 24, 2007



DTW 329

i am sitting here trying to think of what to put in the blog but i don't really think anything happened yesterday, it was really hot!!!! alot of us just lounged around on the deck. Nancy and Christin saw a moon bow on their watch, that makes for 2 nights in a row, they also got to see the moon set. according to them it looked like a ship on fire. oh and Caroline and i had dolphins come by on our night watch.

this morning Donna and Caroline had a few pilot whales. at some point we were sailing on a reach, so we put out the reaching strut. after breakfast, Caroline put out the fishing lines. she put out her super special lure, the Jamaican hula twister, and a lure my big brother made me, that one does not have a name, but he said it was guaranteed to catch. after our lunch of chili and rice, which we later found out has been recalled, don't worry were watching for sighs of botulism in each other. Caroline's line got a hit, it was a perfect size Mahi mahi, after she got it all cleaned and Christin had put the the hose away we got a hit on Phill's line another Mahi mahi, we were going to throw that one back but once we got it on board we saw that it had lost its eyes in the struggle. Christin helped Caroline clean that one, while Nancy and i tried to keep the boat moving in light winds.

Nancy cooked the first fish in the oven with butter, onion, and garlic salt, it was really yummy!!! i think that is about it.

CAPT. LG out


Doug: what happened?? i thought we were having fun. i am always willing to learn new things. i hope there are no hard feelings and we still see you at the party.

Kimmie and Stryder: i hear you guys can't make it for the finish, oh well. i am glad to hear you are working, i hope it is not anything lame. i love you guys and will call you when we get in. i hope Stryder got his package i sent. lots of love

D man: nice to get to talk at you this morning. you're the best shore crew ever. i am going to send Richard and Valerie a e-mail about the shirts right now. give Oopu a hug. see you really soon.

Maya: i think you sent us a very funny blog yesterday, the crew and i were in stitches!! Bill really liked the C.P., Cirrus pride part. my mom and i have been wondering where you were. see you soon. LG

Aunty Dana: if we make it in on time my mom and i were thinking that you, uncle Tom, and Aunty Candace might want to go to the banquet with the crew. i need to have a head count cause i need to buy the tickets by Thursday morning over the phone. love you


Anonymous said...

aye aye capt...i cant wait 2 c u !! mr. oopu says hi n wants 2 know if that mahi tasted as good as it looks? (...he cant read the blog... :) c u soon olives

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says... I've got a 3 year restraining order out on two crazy people, I didn't want to take any chances, and with Cirrus being a HIGH PROFILE boat in Transpac I've posted all my comments as "Anonymous". I'll reveal the comments I've posted when you get home, and to narrow them down... I don't "OLIVE U" in that way :)
See ya all soon! C.P. Chi-Hooooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy! Can't wait to see all of you great sailors. The daily blog through the delivery and then the race, has been a wonderful way to experience your sea trek each day - I felt like a mouse on board Cirrus - watching and listening - and, on the rough days, felt like a seasick mouse! The proficient, and innate ability of Captain LG to make the right calls, the master skills of the navigator, and great teaming of crew was inspiring. And, you even caught Mahimahi!

I will miss rolling out of bed & onto the computer each morning to catch the live reports (and great photos to boot!). One can understand where such an experience is life-bonding. I know that this has been a very special chapter in my life.

...perhaps next time, Hawaii students could be pulled-into the scene by the encouragement of teachers, and be exposed to the wonderful world of navigation and the virtual daily blog of a TransPac yacht race. What a fun project, and who knows what it could inspire in our youth...

Again, I have the TV station on alert for your arrival. They want to be dockside to catch you when you step foot back home and get a few words from you. That being said, keep me posted. . . I will keep checking the ETA.

Tom and I would be honored to attend the Awards Banquet. Candace is on the Mainland and will not be here.

Mahalo nui for allowing me to be part of this historical moment in time. Aloha pumehana, Aunty Dana

Anonymous said...

HEADS UP!!! The lady above is planning on alerting customs upon your arrival... just in case your vessel is trying to illegally smuggling "Butter Milk" into the islands :)