Wednesday, July 25, 2007



POSITION 21'22N, 154'34

DTW: 172NM


what's going on in the world of cirrus?? well the crew is getting very excited for our arrival, about a whole hour will go by till some one will pipe up about a new time equation or theory predicting our arrival to be a little sooner then the GPS, Caroline is getting pumped to eat all the things she has missed so much while she has been at sea, and i know Christin cant wait to see Joseph. its been about 3 months since bill and Valerie have seen each other, he has been talking alot about taking his lady out to dinner. Mom has only seen Richard in her dreams for the past 2 months. Derrick and i have only seen each other for a little less then a month in the past 4 months. Nancy has been thinking about her son Ben, she is looking forward to hopefully seeing him at the dock party.

once we get in that will be the end of transpac for us. Mom, Bill, and I, as well as Valerie, Nancy and our families, not to mention the Hawaii sailing community at large have been working on this for the whole year. it is going to be very odd to not be constantly working toward transpac. what will we talk about with each other? what will i make lists of? what will i do whit all the extra money that will be in my bank account?? i was discussing this with my friend Mark Towill he was telling me about how his crew was so focused on the start of the race, that they didn't see that it brought them that much closer to the end of their adventure.

this is not the last transpac i will do, but it sure has been the best first one i could have asked for, for myself and my crew.

so we have been getting ready to finish, Bill and i have been reading up on the rules for the finish, Bill, Donna, and Christin got the wedding dress all ready for her debut. i have been filling out some of the minor paper work and have been slowly assigning tasks for the crew to accomplish before arrival. tomorrow will be a busy day, lots of cleaning, lots of phone calls to our shore crew. and probably lots of jumping up and down with excitement.

as for the sailing aspect on board, nothing has broken in the last 24 hours, we jibed twice, the wind has picked up just a little, and hopefully, according to our weather charts will continue to build as we approach the finish. oh we saw a PCC, you know a car ship, it didn't try to run us down or anything, that was a big relief. i think that is all i have for now.

CAPT. LG out


DAD: hi dad, i think you arrived back in Honolulu today. welcome home. i have put your name on a list of people that will be alerted to our arrival. Derrick will call you. You also have a date with the crew of Cirrus this Friday night around 1700, you're coming to the awards banquet with us. i'll tell you more about that later. if you have questions call Richard. if Katie is still in town make sure she comes to the dock party too. see you soon.

Aunty Dana and Uncle Tom: it was nice talking to you this morning aunty Dana, you and Tom also have a date with the crew of Cirrus Friday night. don't worry about being kept in the loop about our arrival, your phone will most likely ring so much you'll want to throw it in the water. see you soon.

Derrick: hi babe, im almost home!!! i am going to send you an e mail to your account outlining some instructions for the phone calls you will be making tomorrow. thank you for all of your help sweetie, the whole crew is really jazzed on it. i cant wait to see you, olives lg

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Anonymous said...

All of us at Makani Kai are soooo proud of you all!
I've been checking your blog several times every day. I can't decide if I'm prouder of how well you've been sailing... or how well you've been eating. So I guess the answer is "both".
And 1st in class - wooHOO! Forget about the position "in fleet". There are what, nine classes, so you're one of only nine winners. To quote the wise, sage philosopher Paris Hilton, "That's hot!"
I probably can't make the arrival party, what with the dredging project, but sure will be there in spirit.
To all of you -- ho`omaika`i!!!
Welcome home.