Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home Repair

Whatever you do don't let this guy near your home repair projects. This simple task (for example) seems to have gotten completely out of hand.

The little deck insert in the main cabin, that gives access to one of the manual bilge pumps, gave way the other day when someone stepped on it. The bronze screws holding the little strips of wood that were underneath the insert, to hold it in place, had pulled out. Ideally, a repair could be effected by reattaching the strips with slightly fatter screws.

Unfortunately, the only screws available were slightly longer instead of being slight fatter. So .........You guessed it. The screws came through and the sharp points were getting stepped on with bare feet. (Hawaii crew remember.) Solution? Simple, just cover each point with a couple pieces of gutter tape. (Metallic tape with an adhesive backing.)

An added plus is that the bright tape reminds you not to step on it in the first place.


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Valerie said...

What, no scaffolding??